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Bicycle_hearseAny funeral service provider can help you get a natural coffin from the Natural Burial Company, and most are willing to help you with natural funeral services, too. If you're having trouble finding one, visit the Natural End Map. If you just want to look at the "stuff", come over to our ONLINE STORE.

The natural burial movement is still new to North America, and finding a funeral service provider who will support environmentally friendly options can be a challenge. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are a lot of funeral service providers out there who are prepared to support families who want an environmentally friendly funeral. 




Bob Prout at green show At the Natural Burial Company, we're keeping track of as many folks as we can who want to offer natural funeral services. We're lucky because it's the nature of our business to hear from and about funeral service providers who want to offer natural coffins and services - therefore, we figure we can just put them up on a list (below) and let YOU folks finish the work of letting them know what you want and how you want it.

Don't wait for the certifiers (or regulators) to do this for you -- if you do, you might be waiting for awhile and the provider you want may be in your home town but never even buy the certifier's advertising. Instead, read through this article I wrote for funeral directors in a recent trade magazine issue, and you can learn just how easy it is for a funeral service provider to offer natural services. Those who want to, will.

Feel free to print and share the article (and perhaps a section or two from "Be a Tree" - and then go to the funeral service provider of your choice and help them help you to plan and get exactly what you need. For those of you who remember organic foods in the 1980's, it's a lot like that - if you ask for it, someone smart will get it for you...

Creative Funeral Hearse

Below is the ever-growing list of POSSIBLE natural funeral providers that we've gathered from a wide range of sources. We couldn't find "natural burial" or "natural services" pages on many of these sites, and a lot of them are "GBC certified." 

Just because a funeral home doesn't mention natural funeral options on their website doesn't mean they don't offer them - but it doesn't mean they won't try to get you to change your mind, either.

One thing's for sure: if they advertise a natural woven coffin or biodegradable urn on their website and in their price list (check their merchandise pages), they probably offer natural burial services. If not, GBC (or any other "green") advertising may just be a ruse to get you in the door. You be the judge...AND GET WHAT YOU WANT!

Here's the Ever-Expanding List of POSSIBLE PROVIDERS  (check out for Pledged Providers) - we've often put links to either the merchandise page or a natural burial page, if they have one, so you can see at a glance how serious they are about offering natural services...