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How to pick a natural funeral service provider

How to Buy one of our biodegradable coffins or natural burial goods

Goodfuneralstore.sidebar.01.short 1) You can purchase our natural coffins directly from the Natural Burial Company, or you can buy through any funeral service provider, including funeral directors, home funeral guides, clergy, co-ops, memorial societies, celebrants, and others who want to work with you.  To learn more about how to have a stronger voice in your own natural funeral arrangements visit the informative Be a Tree Guide.

(By law, funeral homes are required to accept a coffin provided by the customer at no extra charge. See the Funeral Consumers Alliance website for more details, and contact them if you have questions.)

2) Any funeral service provider can order a Natural Burial Company coffin on your behalf. Their prices vary, based on the service and other features the home can offer you. Visit the NATURAL END MAP for an interactive Google Map of natural funeral service providers most likely to have what you want.  

Experienced funeral service providers are trained in the use of caskets and the management of funerals in your city or state, and can supply you with expert assistance. Using an experienced funeral service provider (either home or conventional) or other consultant can help you make a challenging time simpler. 

Natural_burial_casket_selectionOur stocking resellers  often have a woven coffin or two on hand for at-need situations. All of these providers are developing natural funeral options that deliver the same careful service you expect from a licensed funeral home, but with a natural touch.

We'll ship to you or the funeral service provider of your choice throughout the United States and Canada.
There are additional charges for residential delivery. View our online catalog for important shipping and ordering information.

NOTE - If you are already working with a funeral home but prefer to purchase from us, FTC regulations say that all funeral homes must accept a coffin from a third-party seller (us) without additional charge or penalty to you. A funeral director's requirement that you only use an approved casket provider may be illegal in your State. If a funeral home refuses your "third party casket" contact the Funeral Consumers' Alliance and the National Funeral Director's Association consumer affairs department for prompt assistance.

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