Natural Burial Company in Eugene, Oregon

Naturalburialcompany.onlineshoplink.450pixThe Natural Burial Company is pretty active in Eugene, Oregon. Eugene's been the home of the NBC founder for over 20 years. Prior to starting the NBC in 2004, Cynthia Beal ran the Red Barn Natural Grocery with friends and family, instilling in her the passion for all things natural and the commitment to community and families that carries on into her work today.

Below are links that Eugene/Lane County area folks may find helpful as they take on the work of whole life planning - not just for the inevitable end, but for a myriad of "what if's" and maybes that are helpful to plan for.

Looking for general information on natural burial? Visit Be a Tree at for the story of natural burial in the UK and links to goods, services and resources you might find helpful for your personal research.

Want to find a natural funeral service provider - a funeral director that will perform natural funerals? a place for no - or chemical-free - embalming? a cemetery that lets you naturally return to the earth, with FULL SOIL CONTACT? - visit THE NATURAL END MAP at

If you're here for ARTIST-MADE URNS, biodegradeable coffins and urns, and other natural grave goods, check out our online retail store at We sell and ship all over the country (and even the world!) Pacific Northwest artists we feature include Alegria, Ken Standhardt, Gil Harrison, Craig Martell, Chris Moench, and more.