How to Buy one of our biodegradable coffins or natural burial goods

Goodfuneralstore.sidebar.01.short 1) You can purchase our natural coffins directly from the Natural Burial Company, or you can buy through any funeral service provider, including funeral directors, home funeral guides, clergy, co-ops, memorial societies, celebrants, and others who want to work with you.  To learn more about how to have a stronger voice in your own natural funeral arrangements visit the informative Be a Tree Guide.

(By law, funeral homes are required to accept a coffin provided by the customer at no extra charge. See the Funeral Consumers Alliance website for more details, and contact them if you have questions.)

2) Any funeral service provider can order a Natural Burial Company coffin on your behalf. Their prices vary, based on the service and other features the home can offer you. Visit the NATURAL END MAP for an interactive Google Map of natural funeral service providers most likely to have what you want.  

Experienced funeral service providers are trained in the use of caskets and the management of funerals in your city or state, and can supply you with expert assistance. Using an experienced funeral service provider (either home or conventional) or other consultant can help you make a challenging time simpler. 

Natural_burial_casket_selectionOur stocking resellers  often have a woven coffin or two on hand for at-need situations. All of these providers are developing natural funeral options that deliver the same careful service you expect from a licensed funeral home, but with a natural touch.

We'll ship to you or the funeral service provider of your choice throughout the United States and Canada.
There are additional charges for residential delivery. View our online catalog for important shipping and ordering information.

NOTE - If you are already working with a funeral home but prefer to purchase from us, FTC regulations say that all funeral homes must accept a coffin from a third-party seller (us) without additional charge or penalty to you. A funeral director's requirement that you only use an approved casket provider may be illegal in your State. If a funeral home refuses your "third party casket" contact the Funeral Consumers' Alliance and the National Funeral Director's Association consumer affairs department for prompt assistance.

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How to pick a natural funeral service provider

There are a number of ways to identify a good natural funeral service provider. Many funeral homes offer a number of these services already. The lists below can help you seek out what you need and encourage professionals in your community to take the Natural Step.


Lisa Carlson of the Funeral Ethics Organization has posted these recommendations on the FEO website here. The ones included in the CURRENT NATURAL END PLEDGE are underlined and in bold

  • # Does the funeral home offer the option of body preparation without embalming (setting features and cleansing only)—as an option to be selected by the family, NOT as a requirement?
  • # Does the funeral home offer the opportunity for viewing without embalming—private family viewing at a minimum?
  • # Does the funeral home offer some sort of viewing for a larger group after refrigeration perhaps or within a state's mandated time-line?
  • # Does the funeral home have biodegradable caskets included on the casket price list?
  • # Among the biodegradable caskets, are there low-cost options (to serve all income levels)?
  • # Is at least one of the biodegradable caskets locally made?
  • # Does the funeral home offer burial shrouds made of natural material?
  • # Does the funeral home offer an economical van for body transport rather than requiring the use of a hearse?
  • # Does the funeral home provide information on local cemeteries that permit green burials?
  • # Is the price for a green option a lot more expensive than the price for an Immediate Burial?
  • # If so, what additional goods and services are included? Are those goods and services the family is likely to want?
  • # Are package prices being offered for "green" options that do not allow a family to reduce costs by declining certain services or merchandise they might not want?
  • # How are the prices at this funeral home compared to the prices at other funeral homes in a 35-mile radius if cost is a concern to the choices a family will make?
  • # If the family needs a service that requires embalming such as out-of-the-country shipping, is the funeral home staff trained in using and have on hand non-formaldehyde, non-toxic chemicals?
  • # Does the funeral home have a website that includes itemized pricing—both the general price list (GPL) and casket price list (CPL)— so the family doesn't have to drive to get the needed information, saving printed paper as well?



Ken West, founder of the UK natural burial movement, drew up a document called the Charter for the Bereaved, and lobbied to put this into general circulation among UK funeral professionals and cemeteries in 1996. We think the majority of its provisions are applicable over here and include its Environmental provisions below.

Every Charter member shall minimise the impact of bereavement upon the environment. This should encourage the greater use of earth friendly materials and environmentally friendly practices, particularly in:


  • Ensuring the use of suitable coffins and containers used for burial or cremation. The use of plastics should be minimised with natural materials encouraged wherever possible. Zinc or lead lined coffins cannot be cremated.
  • Employing the use of the most environmentally friendly materials in the maintenance of grounds
  • Recycling of green waste from grounds maintenance works
  • Recycling, where law permits, of any other material for which permission of the applicant for cremation or burial has been obtained


  • Ensuring the most effective use of land for burial.
  • Where possible providing or partnering a provider of woodland burial
  • The use of suitable ground for burial so that water borne pollution shall not occur


  • Emissions to air are of great concern to the public. All Charter members should actively seek to reduce emissions to the air by the provision of suitable abatement equipment at the earliest possible time.
  • Promoting the most effective use of energy within the crematorium. This could include consideration of heat exchange units to capture energy that is currently wasted.
  • Ensuring the optimum usage of crematorium plant and equipment including longer operational hours.
  • Advising that clothing the deceased in clothes made of natural fibre/materials is acceptable whereas plastic, nylon and other synthetic materials are not acceptable due to the impact on the environment via emissions.


Natural Burial Company's Displaying Resellers

We work with a number of funeral homes around the country who have taken the time to understand the special requirements of natural funeral service provision. Between the list below, and the providers listed on the Natural End Map, we hope you're able to find the services you need. Please feel free to contact us directly at the Natural Burial Company if you need any other assistance or referrals and we'll be happy to help however we can.



Midwest USA 

For over 30 years, Nie Funeral Homes has served the Ann Arbor community's funeral needs. Their primary focus is to add the family in taking the needed time, and providing the means to remember and reflect on the person who has deeply touched the lives of family and friends. Nie keeps pace with the changing times, and their emphasis on personal service reflects that commitment.

Pacific Northwest USA

Mt. Scott Funeral Home, established in 1924, has been helping families cope with the loss of a loved one for over 80 years.  Family owned and operated for three generations, we strongly believe in treating our families with the compassion, integrity, and professionalism we would want to receive. Mt. Scott offers conventional as well as natural burial "packages", including no-embalming, a biodegradable or clean burning coffin, and assistance in locating a natural burial opportunity in a cemetery.

  • Litwiller-Simonsen Funeral Home - Ashland, Oregon

Litwiller - Simonsen Funeral Home with woven coffins

Litwiller-Simonsen Funeral Home serves Ashland, Medford, and the surrounding areas of Southern Oregon. You can view an online video of Tim Simonsen explaining the personalization services of his company at the Funeral Gurus website. Litwiller-Simonsen stocks Somerset Willow coffins and FTP Seagrass, and is working with local cemeteries to add the natural burial option for its community's many environmentally aware residents.


"People's Memorial Funeral Cooperative provides simple dignified, affordable final arrangements to residents of the Seattle – King County, Washington area. While the vast majority of our members choose simple cremation, we offer the full range of cremation and burial choices. As a member-owned cooperative, our focus is on serving our members and their families rather than on meeting sales quotas."

"Wade has had the specific intention of transforming Sunset Hills into a natural burial site, providing a complete range of “green” disposition and memorial services. Wade pointed to a young tree planted on one natural burial site. “She wanted to be an apple tree,” he explained of the woman now interred there. That apple tree is that grave’s sole marker and one of more than a hundred trees the new management has planted thus far, with many more trees to come." Healthy Green Pages

Midwest USA


 "The family tradition started when Elmer and Inez Gunderson founded Gunderson Funeral Home in 1922..."Most of the people that walk through our door know Bob or myself and our family from the past 80 years here in Madison. Many of them we can call by name when they walk through the door." 

  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Stoughton, Wisconsin
  • Middleton, Wisconsin
  • Oregon, Wisconsin
  • Cross Plains, Wisconsin 


 Randle_dable.staff"Randle-Dable Funeral, Cremation and Pre-Planning Services is a family-owned funeral home with deep roots in the Waukesha community dating dack to 1891. Our goal is to serve you and your family with dignity, pride, and honor while showing we care. We realize there is no typical funeral service and that each family has its own special-need customs and traditions. We are dedicated to helping you create a final tribute for your loved one."

Northeast USA

Prout Funeral Home  is a full-service funeral home in northern New Jersey, just 15 minutes from New York. Featured in a number of newspaper and magazine articles, Prout's is well-known for its natural approach. In addition to being an innovative 3rd generation service that has its electricity supplied by solar panels, they offer home-funeral facilitation, formaldehyde-free embalming and no embalming treatments, and also stock a wide range of the Natural Burial Company's wicker coffins. They have work with natural burial cemeteries, including Greensprings in upstate New York and Steelmantown Cemetery in New Jersey.

Nicos C. Elias Funeral Home - Allentown, Pennsylvania


Nicos.c.elias.funeral.home"Going green means taking a new ecologically friendly approach to death and funerals. While there are few “green” cemeteries in the U.S., we can still recommend ways to have less of an impact on our environment where funerals are concerned. Some options are biodegradable caskets, urns, preservation without embalming, and even avoiding steel and concrete tombs altogether. For us, it also means using “green” and eco-friendly cleaning products for our disinfecting and sanitizing procedures.

Ecopodbrochurepart1_0001 ...At Mourning Dove Studio we offer one of a kind hand made life chests, caskets, urns, and shrouds. We also provide eco-friendly products newly available in this country, such as the ARKA Ecopod and the Somerset Willow casket. Our mission is to inspire you to take control of how you mark the milestones of life and death. Our products and services help you to personalize final rites of passage and leave a legacy of love. We also offer creative workshops to support you in making your own memorial art..



Ogden_funeral_homeOgden Funeral Home - Toronto, Ontario

Since 1948 the Ogden Family has been providing family owned funeral services to the Metropolitan Toronto area for three generations. As needs have changed over time Ogden Funeral Homes and staff have adapted to meet any unique requirements of families, regardless of faith or religion.


J.j.cardinal.funeral J.J.Cardinal Funeral Home - Lachine, Quebec


  "Families that engage the services of the J.J. Cardinal funeral salon have access to a large chapel, an interior columbarium, reception halls that can accommodate large numbers of people, better service areas, larger rooms and vestibules and of course…a higher degree of comfort...families can obtain the needed service and support on-site in their most difficult period of bereavement